Meet the Team

Back row: Shuang LIU, Linzhi ZOU, Wei XIONG, Jie LI, Shufeng WANG
Front row: Qun HU, Jiaofeng CHEN, Lian LIU, Chenmeng SONG
Not in photo: Li GUO, Jian GUO

Positions for Postdoctoral fellows

In the lab, we apply multiple approaches, including electrophysiological, imaging, and genetic tools to study the neural mechanisms underlying the auditory perception. We have a particular interest in the subcortical physiology of the auditory pathways that is less understood because of technical barrier. So postdoctoral positions are open for whom possesses experience of in vivo imaging and electrophysiology. It will be great opportunity to work with the best colleagues and the best multidisciplinary support in China.  In addition, decent salary and benefit will be provided. If you are interested , please send your curriculum vitae to

Positions for Graduate students

For whom are interested in understanding everything about the auditory system, you are encouraged to join the lab for rotation. Potential practices include: (1) fine surgery of the auditory structure, (2) ex vivo and in vivo recording of the auditory response, and (3) rigorous interrogation of the cellular mechanotransduction.